Houston Fire Fighters Need Your Help!

Firefighters need 20,000 voter signatures now to get fair pay issue on November 2017 ballot.

The Truth About Fire Fighter Pay

What is the Pay Parity (Equal Pay) Charter Amendment all about?

The pay and benefits structure for Houston police and firefighters is out of balance.

State law and Houston City Charter require Firefighters to gather 20,000 signatures of Houston voters to call an election to amend the Charter. This Charter amendment would bring the Firefighter’s pay and benefits in line with the Houston Police Department. It would also protect Houston firefighters and their families from City Hall politics.


Are Firefighters really paid that much less than Police Officers?


Yes. Houston firefighters are paid, on an average rank by rank basis, 60 percent less than police.

In 2005, voters gave Houston firefighters the right to negotiate their workplace conditions and compensation. The last time the firefighters were given a contract by the City of Houston was 2011. Since then, the City has given police raises totaling 26% but firefighters have only received 3%. Firefighters have been without a contract since 2014. They have repeatedly asked the City to negotiate a new contract. Recent contract negotiations failed. Firefighters asked the City to agree to allow a neutral third party to decide what was fair for firefighters and their families — and the City refused. We now are asking voters to help resolve the issue.


How are the Firefighters paid?

In 2005, the voters of Houston approved collective bargaining for Houston firefighters.

This allows their representatives to negotiate the salary and benefits for the HFD. There last budget was approved 2 years ago and expired this month. HFD has been asking Houston leaders to negotiate a new contract, they even suggested going to a neutral 3rd party. The City has refused arbitration and didn’t cooperate with the mediator, forcing a lawsuit to be filed by the Association.


Does this affect the pensions?


Houston firefighters agreed to reduce their retirement benefits in October 2016 and the City of Houston and the Texas legislature further reduced the benefits in new law. Now, Houston firefighters seek fair treatment regarding their wages, benefits and workplace conditions.


Who are the Houston Professional Firefighters Association?

The Houston Professional Firefighters Association represents the 4,100 men and women of the Houston Fire Department.

For more information, visit local341.org.